Organic Hair Planting

İzmir Este The hair transplantation is performed by using the stem cell injections prepared from the patient's own oily tissue after the 2 years of AR-GE work in the hair laboratories.

Bio Hair Planting

The Bio Hair Plantation, produced from bodied harmonious biological fibers, provides the most effective solution for those who do not have enough hair for sowing or who want to get a natural look hair on the same day practically.

Fue Hair Planting

Hair loss is a genetic disorder in men. This problem is increasing with the progressive age of hair follicles nourishing hair can not feed roots.

Eyebrow Planting

When thin eyebrows are widespread, our eyebrows, which we often buy, leave us half-way, or it does not turn out anymore. It is now very easy to regain our thick eyebrows.

Whiskers Planting

In the case of men not having hair on the upper lip or hair loss, the definitive treatment is mustache. Mustache planting, hair roots planting in areas of the upper lip where mustache hairs do not come out.

Beard Planting

The roots of the unnecessary part of the beard and favorin can be taken and planted in order to make the beard less frequent. In this case, the unnecessary hairs on the cheek bone were taken and planted in a rare beard and favorite area immediately below.

How is Organic Hair

Planting done?



An amount of 50-100 cc of fat is removed from the abdominal region.



Stem cells are separated from these oils.



Your stem cells are reactivated with your own oils in a special way.


Hair Removal from the Neck Area

From your neck region, an unlimited number of hair follicles are removed so as not to disturb the appearance.


Sowing and Injection

Activated stem cells are injected with hair from the nape region.


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“Saçlarıma yeniden kavuşup tekrar tarayabilmek çok büyük mutluluk. Teşekürler Este Hair Efes. İzmirin en doğru saç ekim merkezi”

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“4.5 ayda saçlarımın bu kadar yoğun bir görünüme kavuşmasını bende beklemiyordum teşekkürler Este Hair Efes. İzmir'in bir numaralı organik saç ekim merkezi.”

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